We are rethinking and rebuilding trade finance.
Our collaborative, simplified and data-first approach develops a thriving partner-ecosystem and innovative value propositions.

About Us

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank was born through a collaborative venture between AGTB Holdings Limited, a Rowland family controlled company, and Mubadala Investment Company. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, AGTB is strategically located in the innovation-friendly environment of the Abu Dhabi Global Market and positioned to take advantage of the UAE’s role as a global trade hub. 

Envisioned as the world’s-first digital corporate trade bank, AGTB seeks to address the trade finance gap, left by incumbent trade banking models and FinTech platforms. In the context of today’s dynamic marketplace and globalization, corporate banking and trade finance are fundamentally broken. We are challenging the conventional mindset with a disruptive and transformative approach and aiming to facilitate trade-related financial and banking access to the many underserved corporate segments.

Our endeavour is to simplify and supply client-centric trade banking propositions by combining FinTech expertise, new technologies and the courage to reimagine corporate trade banking. The aim is to offer automated operational flexibility, data integration and advanced analytics in an accessible, real-time and transparent manner.

Institutional trade finance is fundamentally broken. AGTB challenges conventions with a disruptive and transformative approach.

From carbon to silicon

The world is changing from carbon to silicon and AGTB is continuously evolving with and accelerating through this digital revolution, impacting industries, business models and ecosystems. AGTB’s mission is to collaborate with clients, upend old ways of working that are based on manual processes, outdated systems and siloed information, and help clients maximize the value that digital can bring.

Maturity of digital tools and solutions, including cloud computing, API-driven architecture and machine-learning, allows AGTB to build a radically different operating and business model. This model redefines data-flows and client interactions in a seamless and integrated manner on order to cut down time, reduce cost and mitigate risk through an efficient and intuitive service offering.

Our mission is to evolve, together with our clients, from carbon to silicon

Latest Insights

The Dividend of Cross-Industry Collaboration

Since the onset of the first industrial revolution, industries have found solace in standalone silos. Segmented into distinct and specialized industry boxes, the world’s key sectors have conformed towards operating within clearly established lines of business.

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Live panel discussion at the Global Trade Review UK 2019

Amit Garg, Head of Banking at Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank, shared insights during a live panel discussion at the Global Trade Review (GTR) UK 2019.

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Banking on Digital Finance

Not too long ago, digitalization of the financial field was an omissible topic within the global financial paradigm. As a space monopolized by incumbents, the banking industry has been ruled by an elite few for some time. In turn, this has stifled innovation.

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Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank Chooses Assurance Software to Help Ensure Resiliency

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank announced today that Assurance Software, a leading provider of comprehensive business continuity management and disaster recovery software and services, has become its business continuity applications provider.

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Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank Leads The Piloting Of The Newly-launched APIX Platform At The Singapore Fintech Festival

The ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (AFIN) and the Headquaters of AGTB, Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), have showcased the connectivity between the two platforms. Pilot test includes Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank.

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Building a digital Trade Bank for the 21st Century

Built from the core with a collaborative mindset, we are continuously learning from and working with our trusted partners in order to generate mutual value. Whilst AGTB is a refreshing approach to banking, we choose to build an ecosystem of skilled partners that complement our services whilst focusing on our client needs.

Abu Dhabi Global Market is our headquarters. We are empowered by the world-class infrastructure and robust and innovative regulatory framework in ADGM and Abu Dhabi, whilst also taking advantage of UAE’s position as one of the leading global trade hubs.

One of the world’s pioneering investors, Mubadala Investment Company is a joint venture partner in Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank. Mubadala offers a clear visionary guidance to AGTB and supports our steps forward via its immense ecosystem across the globe.

Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Publicis Sapient bridges the gap between AGTB’s vision and Microsoft’s innovative cloud technologies. As our consulting and integration partner, Publicis Sapient brought AGTB’s vision and technological design to life.

Our strategic partner to enable Anglo-Gulf Trading Bank to fundamentally re-think how trade finance transactions are done, using deep understanding of the industry as well as cutting edge technologies.

We are the only founding member bank of Marco Polo in the MENA region. The Marco Polo Network is the world’s broadest and largest trade network, established to bring global banks into a collaborative framework facilitating international trade.